Branding for Blockchain at UCI


Blockchain at UCI is a student-led organization at UC Irvine which is dedicated to blockchain education, development, and networking. I worked as the Director of Marketing and Content Production and came up with a logo, made flyers for various events, as well as designed and built its homepage.


The logomark with guides.

The logomark contains two interlocking anteaters (the mascot of UC Irvine) forming the shape of coins used in ancient China. It reflects two important traits of a blockchain: it is composed of blocks linked to each other and serves as a ledger that has monetary properties. The blue and yellow are derived from the brand colors used by the University of California, reflecting the connection between the organization and the school it belongs to.

Business cards mockup for the logo of Blockchain at UCI.


Throughout my time in the organization, I did a lot of experiments with branding. I’ve produced plenty of flyers for the events it held. Flyers for certain big events have gone through myriads of revisions, with most of them being adding and resizing sponsors’ logos. This was because there were constantly new sponsors joining us while we were marketing our events to our audience. The adjustment process was challenging since a lot of sponsors expected their logos to be big and clear on flyers, and making changes to these logos could heavily impact how other contents shall be arranged.

UCI Blockathon

Blockchain — The Vision, Hype, and Reality

Blockchain and Law


Last but not least, I designed and built the homepage for the organization. The purpose of it is to let people learn about us, get interested in us, and eventually become a part of us. It has five major sections.

The first section contains our slogan presented in a fancy handwriting font, as well as a one-sentence introduction of our status. The background image taken from an actual event makes us more credible, and the blue overlay with simple patterns on it adds a little bit of futuristic feeling to the page.

Section1: slogan and elevator pitch.

Right after the first section is a more detailed introduction of the organization. Here I placed a decorative illustration composed of the wireframe of our logo and the word “blockchain” in different languages. While leaving an impression of our brand on our visitors, it also shows our open mind to become a community that celebrates diversity.

Section 2: “About Blockchain at UCI.”

The third section shows our past events on a timeline. Each event has three pictures with it. On a mobile device, only one picture will be displayed for each event so that it takes shorter for a visitor to go through this section.

Section 3: past events.

The next section highlights those who are here to support the organization. This not only makes us look more credible but also serves as a channel for them to showcase themselves. Today, every website adds a picture of a person when introducing them, and it’s the same on our site when we introduce our advisors. However, instead of merely applying a 50% border-radius to each picture, I erased the picture’s background and masked the remaining figure with a circle in a way that makes the figure look like it’s heading out from the circle. I also added some decorative lines around each figure (two in the front and one in the back, with the combination of sizes and colors different from those around others). This makes figures more outstanding and adds some layering and joyfulness to the page at the same time.

Section 4: “Meet the Team.”

The last section is the footer of the page. The first two columns include all the methods for a visitor to build some connection with us, with the heading of the first column catching the visitor’s eyes (and heart) using the implication of “luv letter.” The heading of the third column is similar to what many other lovely developers like to place at the bottom of their sites, but that ball-shaped thing is so ambiguous that it could intrigue the visitor to keep thinking what that is. In fact, if you hover your mouse on that ball, you will see the answer, which is “boba” (a kind of milk tea with chewy toppings). If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry. Just click on the link below it, and a Wikipedia page will open up.

Section 5: footer.